About me

Last Updated: 06 July 2020

Hi there. I’m Sanket — a Product Designer, currently working with Postman, Bangalore.

I love the diversity in terms of experiences and the work that I do.

I grew up in Mumbai thinking I would be able to do everything from flying a plane, act in a movie to running a bigcompany. Although that didn’t happen, I surely carried the curiosity to explore everything that interests me. My career timeline is theproof of that.

I was in the second year of my graduation, when I realized that the education I was getting was not really up to date and it would bore me to death. That’s when I decided to pursue my post-grad education from the University of Experience.

I was fortunate enough to have found an organization like Petal Apps to begin my career with. It was a small agency based in Mumbai where I was given a freedom to explore various departments. I feel proud to say that I was leading the same organization when I left the company. We shut down the service business and got into a product after that. Yet another startup opportunity to do everything that a company needs to do — from development, design, marketing, HR and what not. Everyday — would bring a new set of problems to solve that I had no experience in before.

After 3 and half years of experience, I looked back to connect all the dots and found out that I enjoyed being a leader, interacting with people, learning about new domains and solving the problems. User Experience Design was the only field that offered me to do what I like as well as what I was good at. The package came with such a diversity in nature, it felt the most obvious choice.

If you’ll ask me how I stand out from rest of the designers, I would say that I’m a designer who can speak a language of not just design, but also — development, business, sales and marketing.

So, that was my quick intro. I’m glad you stumbled upon my website. Feel free to reach out. I’m available over Twitter , LinkedIn and Telegram.

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